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Throwback Thursday : Bows

October 12, 2017

When I first starting blogging, I connected with Lauren of Bubb's Bow-tique. One bow in a swag bag  led to us sharing our creativity and our love of bows! She is a very kind and talented girlboss and I am so happy to have "met" her. So, in honor of Throwback Thursday, here is a #bowsontheblog round up for ya'll!





It was so hard picking favorites! And so fun going through all of these photos! As you can see, these bows are easy to wear...and in so many ways! In your hair, on a hat or on rain boots (or on a shawl, a tote or as my husband once did, as a bowtie). Those are just a few fun ways to style a bow. Now you might be thinking that you need a bow or two. Lucky for you, I can help with that!


Check out Lauren's shop on etsy : Bubb's Bow-tique. She has a great selection of colorful prints and Holiday themed bows. And be sure to use the promo code : BowsOneTheBlog for 10% off your purchase! Shopping & saving is always a good idea my friends.  Happy Friday Eve!


Stay Chic,




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