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January 25, 2016


Hello All! I know, I know...it has been forever! I didn't mean for a month to pass without saying hi, I really had all intention of writing this post back in December, starting around the 28th or so. And everyday since then I keep saying, I have to do that post! So here I am....


I have decided that February 1st is going to be my New Year's Day. As a lot of you may know, I am directing a fashion show this weekend! YAY! It is up in New Hampshire and is going to be amazing! For the past solid 3 months (and several months before) I have been working on this with my dear friend Laura, my mom and aunt. Check us out on Facebook: Wear Your Heart NH. Since the end of December and beginning of this month has been exceptionally busy with show prep, model fittings, emails, calls, venue layout planning, more emails, social media posts, swag, raffles and many more emails and calls, I really haven't had a chance to start the new year off doing anything other than the fashion show. NOW...don't get me wrong..I love it and wouldn't change it!...but there are some things that I want to, need to and would love to do, plan for, research, learn and set goals for!


2015 couldn't have ended quick enough. The last part of the year was a doozy. Straight up DOOZY. It felt like every time #fpciv and I got close to something positive, we were ripped away from it just as fast. I don't mean to go all drama queen on you, but it is true. When you realize that your goals and plans are not so clear or easily attainable, it sucks. BUT...we survived. We passed all the "tests" that were thrown at us. It wasn't always easy, but we did the best we could.


Throughout it all, it was so nice to feel a sense of support from family, friends and fellow Monarch gals. When I think back to 2015, my coolest memories and accomplishments are all linked back to attending the Monarch Workshop in the Spring. Blog support, collaborations, friendships and opportunities...all from Monarch! It is amazing and I am grateful for it everyday!


"Everything happens for a reason." "Timing is everything." These words were in my brain for the second half of last year. People said these words to me on a daily basis. I thought these words on a daily basis. And as much as I wanted to scream each time I heard them, I knew it was all true.


I am excited now for my New Year's Day on 2.1.16! I have some collabs lined up, a lot of ideas and a ton I want to learn. I start a new part time job with a non-profit I LOVE soon. New plans for #fpciv and I are in the works. Its weird, I feel that this reflection was easier and more positive today, than it might have been back a month ago. Maybe I just needed a little time to sort it out and focus on the prize...helping to create an outstanding fashion show for this Saturday evening!


So...how are you all doing? Any goals for 2016 that you would like to share? Want to collaborate? Want to simply say HI? You know what to do...catch me below in comments or email me at: leopardspotspineappledots@outlook.com.



Be Well & Sparkle,




Photo taken by Victoria Gloria, courtesy of Monarch Workshop


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