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To Do : Shop

April 29, 2016



Shopping for spring is always fun. ALWAYS! I am on a neutrals kick and can't wait to style and wear these great new pieces.


BP floral flats : These flats are a neutral and a statement all in one. Colorful summer dresses, denim and maxi skirts will ALL pair well with this vibrant shoes. A no-brainer if you ask me. AND on sale.


GAP side slit sweater : This sweater. LOVE IT. I got it in new off white and am now thinking about the olive. There is just something about a fresh new white sweater for spring. It instantly makes me think of cool summer evenings by the beach. Another sale!


GAP denim kimono : I have been wanting a new denim jacket and this one jumped out at me. Yes, I know...I am still on the same kimono kick I was on last summer. I just can't help it! And guess what my friends...this is on sale too!


BP Boater Hat : This beauty is en route to my place as I sit here and type. YAY! I am always down for a new hat and since I don't have this style in my collection, I needed to add it ASAP. Classic, perfect and affordable for any hat lover!


So...what items are on your shopping to do list for spring? Did any of these ones make the cut OR just recently get added?!



Happy Weekend to All!



Be Well & Sparkle,











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