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Wanna Pin : Rose Gold

February 3, 2016

Happy 1st Wanna Pin Wednesday of 2016!!


I am not sure when I started loving on rose gold but I do know that around the time of our wedding both #fpciv and I became big fans...so much so that #fpciv's wedding band is rose gold and he gave me rose gold "love knot" earrings as a gift on our big day. #rosegoldlove


So...Let's Pin!




Pointy toe loafers  |  "Carrie" necklace Pineapple bookends


Frends  |  Sneaks  |  Tote


Teardrop ring  |  Tape  |  Tieks




Have any rose gold pretties that you want to share?! Please do!


Also, I am looking to collect some ideas for future Wanna Pin Wednesdays! Comment below with themes, ideas, likes and loves! Thanks all! Cheers to 2016!


Be Well & Sparkle,








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