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November Edition

November 5, 2015

How is it November already?! Time is flying by here in Leopard Spots & Pineapple Dots land and here we are again at the first Wednesday of the month.  So, do you wanna pin?


I love the coziness of fall and I thought this would be the perfect month to get "wrapped up" in ponchos, wraps, shawls, scarfs and the like at our pinning party!


Be sure to check out my WRAP ME UP Pinterest board...It was hard to narrow things down, but these are my TOP favorites!





top L-R


OVERSIZED KNIT - Everyday perfection!  A gorgeous color and definitely a statement piece!


PLAID PONCHO - I rarely come across a poncho I don't love + plaid = YAY!!


CHUNKY KNIT - Perfect way to add some seasonal flair to an "out on the town" fall outfit!


BRIGHT PLAID FRINGE - Best cape-ish style jacket ever!


NEUTRAL PRINT - Classic. Everyone needs a poncho with these classic colors!



bottom L-R


REVERSIBLE FRINGE - This poncho will get tons of wear, prints on prints!


BLANKET SCARF - The scarf that took the world by storm...and still is!  The coziest!


CLASSIC CAPE - Perfect for work, change up that basic blazer for a classic 2 button cape!


BOLD PRINT - These colors scream fall, a perfect match for denim!


BASIC GREY - New to the poncho/cape world? Start basic and get cozy!



So tell me...How do you get "wrapped up" in the season? Have you purchased some new cozy and you want to shout it from the roof tops because you love it soooo much?!  Great, shout it out down below in the comments too...I wanna know about it!



Be Well & Sparkle,




























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