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Pinning Party!

October 2, 2015



You know when you get a Pinterest notification on your phone because someone new just followed you and/or pinned your pin? And then all you do is simply open the app to see what is going on and BAM! Three hours later you have pinned 100 new pins, created 3 new boards and picked out what is for dinner via your "YUMMIES" board. 


That my friends...is a pinning party! 


I love connecting with others, espcially over stylish & chic fashion boards loaded with pins.  Wanna Pin Wednesday is a way to do just that...connect and share!


So, let's start this month off right! Let's all get together next Wednesday for a big ol pinning party! Here is your to-do list: In the comments below please leave 1. your Pinterest name so we can follow each other and 2. your vote for what the October Wanna Pin Wednesday (10/7) theme should be! I will check back after the weekend and facebook/insta/tweet the theme so everyone can do the pre-party-prep.


Happy Fri-yay all!



Be Well & Sparkle,





Pine-O-Lantern via ModCloth






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