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Back to School Edition

September 2, 2015

Happy Wanna Pin Wednesday everyone!!  Since it is now September and most kids started back to school this week, I thought it would be fun to pick out my "back to school" necessities!  Even though my back to school days are over, I have still always loved the idea of being able to get new outfits, shoes, hair accessories AND the most fun....a new backpack and school supplies for the start of each new year.  


I could dedicate a whole Pinterest board to school supplies.  I love having them, shopping for them, buying them...I always have.  Rather than get too carried away with that today, I decided to do my adult version of what I would want to buy to get a nice fresh start in September.  



Let's start with the top row, shall we?!


Sneaks - I grew up calling sneakers "sneaks".  Hahaha, that is just how we roll.  And even though I am not much of a sneaker person, I LOVE these and would absolutely need them to coordinate with my new metallic backpack!


Backpack - What a beauty.  Need I say more?!  


Water bottle - So important for your daily runarounds...whether it be errands, school or work! And from what I can tell, it will fit perfectly in the side pocket of the backpack.  Not only is it great for a hydration pick me up, but also a motivational reminder to always "dream big darling"!  Be sure to check out North Detail and shop Ariel's FAB accessories!


New #ootd - I love this look for fall!  Nothing better than getting cozy in a cute outfit with a scarf! And how perfect would this outfit look with those neutral/metallic booties?!!  Looking at this photo is making me wonder...should I rock the bangs again this fall and winter?  Thoughts?


Booties - I just love these, plain and simple.  The metallic adds a bit of edge and the neutral tones will look great with most outfits for fall.  


Another new #ootd - The turban headband grabbed my attention here.  The colors and layers here are key, everything coordinates so nicely.  And...this getup would also look FAB with the booties!


Hat - I need a new hat because it is back to school season.  Right?!  This color is gorgeous for fall and winter too.  A nice bold raspberry has always been one of my fall favorites.  


Bow -  My mom used to wake me up early and do my hair for (elementary) school.  I always loved picking out new accessories (think scrunchies, barrets and those little butterfly clips!) And I still love hair accessories now!  But these days I am more into hats, turban headbands and bows!  Be sure to shop bows at Bubb's Bow-tique and use the promo code BowsOnTheBlog for 10% off your order!!


Agenda - Every busy gal needs an agenda, am I right?  In my case, I need a couple!  The Ban.do gals know how to work it when it comes to fun & quirky designs to keep you excited and motivated for the days and months ahead. Plus, you can't go wrong with a planner that comes with STICKERS!!



I had so much fun putting this one together...I love this time of year!  What do you think? What do/did you love the most about back to school shopping?  What items would be at the top of your list?  Find your pin (or pins!), copy the link from Pinterest and paste it in the comments section below.  It's like Show & Tell day!  


I can't wait to hear from you all...Thanks for following along and joining in the fun!


Be Well & Sparkle, 



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