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Pinning Pretty Pineapples

August 5, 2015

Hello hello!  Happy Wanna Pin Wednesday!  As I have mentioned before, I love the whole concept of Wanna Pin Wednesday and really feel it can lead to all good-n-fun things.  Most importantly, it will give me a chance to connect with all of you!


Wanna Pin Wednesday will take place on the 1st Wednesday of each month. I will be reminding you all via social media to get your style pins ready ahead of time!  And like before, you will choose your top style pin (for that month, week or day), copy the link from Pinterest and then comment on the post, say Hi and paste your link.  Simple as can be!  If you have more than one pin you want to share...share them all!


In true Leopard Spots & Pineapple Dots fashion, I couldn't help but share some pineapple pins this week.  My Pineapple Pizzazz board has 150+ pineapple pins and I thought, why not make a comeback with one of my favorites, a favorite that just happens to be the main inspiration for the name of this blog!!



Weekend getaway planned?  Pack this!


Evening walk on the beach?  Don't forget this!


Pineapple jewels?  You need these!


Need a chic & simple pineapple accessory?  Wear this!


Pineapple pool party?  Flaunt these!


Walk to the farmer's market?  Keep cool with this!


She should be the summer mascot!  All hail the Pineapple Queen!



Thank you all for following along!  Don't forget to share your fave style pin below!



Be Well & Sparkle,









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