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Wanna Pin Wednesday?!

June 25, 2015


Hello Hello!  Yes, I know...its Thursday, not Wednesday!  I just spent Sunday through Wednesday morning in Maine at a lovely beach cottage, a stones throw from the sand and ocean.  It was so nice to relax, catch some sun (with SPF 30 and a hat of course!) and be somewhere that is not my house with chores and responsibilities.  The wi-fi was not working (gasp!) and I won't lie...I liked it! I did manage to get some #dailydose tweets out, but other than that, the shop was shut down.


I have always LOVED style watching in York, Maine.  I imagine all of these well dressed people who live up there for the summer having a separate "Maine wardrobe" consisting of bathing suits, tunics, big sun hats, nautical themed accessories, denim, great sweaters and LL Bean flip flops. Think chic, preppy New England americana style meets total comfort.  Ahhh...I love it!  Love seeing it and wearing it!


For this Wanna Pin Wednesday, I pulled together some fun style pins that were most definitely seen, more than once, on my little trip to the beach!  Whether I was shopping at Daisy Jane's in York Village, enjoying a haddockwich at Bob's Clam Hut, eating mint oreo ice cream at Dunne's (used to be Brown's) or just catching some rays on the porch and people watching...I saw lobster style, beautiful tunics and hats!  So many hats...different styles & colors on beach goers, runners, bike riders, shoppers and sight see-ers.  





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What are your wear-to-the-beach must haves?  Share your favorite beach style pin below in the comments!  Can't wait to see!  Until then, I am dreaming of being back at the beach......


Thanks for following along!


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