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Donut Pool Party!

May 15, 2015


Hi all!!   I donut know about you...but I can't think of anything better than a donut themed pool party!  And while preparing this, my FAVE DIY blogger Kelly of Studio DIY posted another fabulous donut post.  Clearly, this was meant to be even though it is National Straw Hat Day and not National Donut Day. (June 5th)


So, are you wondering what you may need to host a donut pool party?!  Have no fear, I gotcha covered!


1.  SNACKS!  Pretty, sweet and SIMPLE!  And yes, you can buy your own little umbrellas, but why do that when you can make your own!  Thanks Kelly!




2.  DRINKS!  Sparkling H2O, pink lemonade or fruit punch.  Or when its 5 o'clock somewhere serve mimosas, champage punch or spiked lemonade.  Refreshing & simple...done!  Add a colorful matching (of course!) straw with a glitter topped donut and BAM!  Drinks are served my friends!



3.  SUNNIES!  Absolutely necessary for a pool party.  And there is nothing more fun than these Donut Sunnies!  Look the part of hostess with your DIY shades and you could even add this little project to the party activities so everyone goes home with a pair.  Win win!  Thanks again Kelly!



4.  FLOPPY HAT!  Again, you have to look the part and this is a super fun way to stay protected from the sun and be festive!  This also works as a craft with guests.  I have to say, this is the absolute best donut DIY...EVER! And one last shoutout...you rock Kelly!



5.  DONUT FLOAT!  This is an absolute must!  And there must be several, filling the pool, for all sorts of sweet summertime fun!  Lots of different retailers sell these floats, but since I tend to go to Amazon for everything and they have it for under $20, that is the winner for me!



If this doesn't make you want to throw a Donut Pool Party this summer, I don't know what will! These 5 must-haves give you what you need to be a hostess with the mostess or be the most fabulously accessorized guest! 


You never know where your ideas for blog posts or party themes will come from.  I literally thought of this idea the other night when I couldn't sleep.  Maybe I was hungry?  Maybe I just wanted to fall asleep and have sweet dreams.  But once the thoughts filled my head...I knew exactly who to go to for funky creative ideas....Studio DIY!  So, what are you waiting for?  Plan that party!  Have fun with a DIY project this weekend!  You DONUT want to miss the fun!



Be Well & Sparkle (like a yummy glittery donut),




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