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you got this!

May 11, 2015

Morning all!  You got this! I know, I know.  It's Monday.  But...it is a warm and sunny morning, I am drinking my lemon tea with sunbuttered toast and I don't know about you, but I had fabulous weekend!  Time to start this week off right!  You got this!


This weekend included a little bit of everything...#fpciv's birthday, my mom visiting, shopping, face timing with my sister in law and nieces in Florida, yardwork, dinner at my in-law's, playing with my niece and teaching her how to say "Tootles" and lots of great company, food, drink and dessert.


So, yes. I mentioned shopping!  My mom treated me to some (belated) birthday shopping on Saturday.  We popped into Old Navy to check them out and man, I am so glad we did!  Old Navy is on point right now!  I originally went looking for dark denim boyfriend shorts.  And left with these:


Cute, comfortable, wear with anything skirt in black

And in blue & white print

This cross back top in orange (more like coral in person)

Navy floral pants,  which pair so nicely with the cross back top, if you are in to print mixin'

All of these items are on sale online, but in the store this weekend the skirts and top were only $10 each and the pants $12.  Definitely could not pass these up!  

!!SALE ALERT: Online today ONLY use the code ADULTS for 30% off adult clothing at Old Navy!!


We also checked out the new Paper Store in Canton.  I love going there not only for the Hallmark goodies but to check out their fabulous boutique section.  I picked up a great vest style top, a sort of washed out sea green, distressed, soft cotton vest.  Though they do not have the one I got online, here is something similar...same cut/style, but different material/print.  Looking for cool, unique pieces for a beach/resort vacation?  Check them out!  The store has more of a selection AND make sure you sign up for their mailing list to get a coupon!  Savin' a little bit can't hurt, right?  Then you can buy more!!


Wishing everyone a positive and fun week!  When it comes to work, blogging, creating, styling, shopping and life in general...always lead with a "you got this" attitude!



Be Well & Sparkle,




Photo cred: Taken at Monarch Workshop by the oh so colorful, creative and caring Mary of Uncustomary Art.

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