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April = Accomplished!

May 5, 2015


This post is geared more for May 1st, not 5th, but hey...life happens!  The end of last week through the weekend was FULL of gift shopping, gift wrapping, party going, picture taking, laughing, smiling, love & hugs and just good ol' FUN! 


So....April was my first FULL month of blogging. (Yay!)  It was an awesome birthday month, full of everything I wanted, needed and then some.  My mind has been spinning with ideas for the blog...from simple changes & updates to photo shoot ideas and collaborations.  This is exciting stuff people!  


I feel accomplished.  I feel a bit stronger.  I feel more connected to the creative world.  I feel like things are getting pieced together nicely.


I attended an awesome DIY night!  Ariel of Neatly Noted partnered up with Shannon of Azalea Floral Design and they created a fun girls DIY night with snacks, wine and flowers galore, which were then arranged in a chic mug.  Not only did I get to meet Ariel (finally!!) and Shannon (her cozy and inviting shop is only 10 minutes from me!) but I got to (officially) meet Bethany of Twenty Something Plus and Latanya of Sprinkles and Booze.  All of these gals are wonderful, fun, helpful and just plain old amazing.  I am so glad I went!  Check out the full recap HERE!


I arranged my first collaboration for the blog (thanks to the Monarch swag bags!!)  I decided on a whim to reach out to Bubb's Bow-tique to see if Lauren might be interested in working together and YES!!  She is!! So excited!!  #fpciv and I had just gotten home and cracked open a couple brews when I got her email, so our first cheers was most definitely to Bubb's Bow-tique!  Bows on the blog COMING SPRING/SUMMER 2015!


As much as I love my birthday month and don't want it to end, May came in and started off with a fun morning meeting of coffee/tea/chit chat with Ariel of Neatly Noted.  It was after this meeting that I was reminded how important it is to get out there, meet people and step out of your comfort zone.  I am definitely getting better at this and it has already paid off with the connections I have made.


I feel accomplished.  I feel stronger.  I feel more connected to the creative world.  I feel like things are getting pieced together nicely.  I feel happy to have met such talented, honest, fun, kind and creative women.  I feel inspired.  I feel encouraged.



Thank you April...Hello May!



Be Well & Sparkle,





Photog: Victoria Gloria





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