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I'm back!!

April 20, 2015


The Monday after a vacation is always the worst!  I just spent the past 2 hours drinking my tea, chatting on the phone with my mom and acting like I don't have anything to do today.  HA!  Clearly, I am in denial that I have to work today.  We arrived home Saturday night and as much as I would have loved an extra day down south, I am glad #fpciv and I had yesterday to chill out, sleep in and attempt to get back in the groove.


I have some fun posts in the works and look forward to sharing them with ya'll this week! Since I am still on Florida time, lets talk link love.....



I would love to go to the Kentucky Derby some day.  Getting all fancy with a big hat...how awesome would that be?!  In the meantime though, this is my kind of celebrating!


I love this outfit!  #getinmycloset


Ladies first! (And on SALE!)


Get your hair du on point for summer weather!


Leopard spots & Pineapple dots



Thanks for following...Be well and sparkle everyone!!




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