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Lucky 13

April 14, 2015

Hello friends!  Sorry for the blog writing silence over here.  Last week was a doozy!  #fpciv and I left CT on Friday night for a roadtrip down to Florida and arrived on Saturday.  It was a beautiful drive! 


And today is a great day...MY BIRTHDAY!  Between the texts, facebook messages and love from friends and family near and far...it has been lovely!  Mother Nature is trying to wash my birthday away with downpours, but we ignored her!  We went "rolling bowling" (aka bowling) with my niece Kayley and my dad and then had lunch at Margaritaville.  A nice raspberry mango frozen marg, lava lava shrimp, a cheeseburger in paradise and a taste of key lime pie....YUM!


I am hoping for some sunny and clear weather soon, cause this girl needs to do some birthday shopping! I will keep you all posted on that, of course!


Keep watch on my instagram for some fun snapshots of my vacay!  Thanks for following along!


Happy Birthday to ME!  


Even though this picture is from a few weeks back at the oh so amazing Monarch Workshop, this is exactly how I feel.....relaxed, happy to be on vacation and excited for another fab year. Ahhhhhhh.......


Photo cred to the sweet Victoria Gloria


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