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April 7, 2015

We have already established that Monarch Workshop was fabulous...and this mini-photo shoot proves that point even more!!


I won't lie, I was nervous!  I tend to over-think and over-plan things (just ask #fpciv) and I had myself all ready with a well thought out, colorful outfit (#outfitplanningproblems) and a different hair du on Saturday. Then this photo shoot happened on Sunday, my more #cozystyle day.  I almost didn't even do it (I can be so ridiculous sometimes) but I pushed myself and did! 


And man, I am so glad I did!  Victoria was sweet, enthusiastic and I was super comfortable working with her.  I am actually glad that I did this more on "the fly" because I love my hair up with messy curls and with that amazing bow...perfection! 


Hey, for someone who hasn't done a photo shoot since her wedding, I think these photos came out great!  Amazing!  Fun!  And it was great practice for the blog...I promise you will see more photo shoots from me soon!!






This last one, gazing into the pineapple, is MY ABSOLUTE FAVE!


#OOTD: Gold August Silk sweater (past season) #fabfound ~ Black Cynthia Rowley pant suit (past season) #fabfound ~ Ettika bracelet ~ Lou Lou Boutique earrings ~ Bubb's Bow-Tique hair bow c/o Monarch swag bags 



All photos taken by the oh so talented Victoria Gloria Photography.



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