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Oh So Charming!

March 30, 2015



My Auntie gave me a sterling silver charm bracelet on my 18th birthday.  The fancy links were (and still are) so shiny and pretty!  The bracelet had 2 charms dangling, a key with the number18 and an Aries charm with my birthday engraved on the back.  I loved it and loved the idea of collecting charms on this special birthday bracelet.  Little did I know back then (15 years ago eeek!), this bracelet would become much more than a simple collection of charms. 


My bracelet has soooo many charms dangling from it, so many memories!  Birthdays, Holidays, hobbies, college, likes, loves, marriage and my honeymoon all have a place on this bracelet.  Merry Christmas charms from my 3 favorite cousin girlies (Juli, Adri and Merry) and a silhouette charm for each of my 3 sweet as pie nieces (Kayley, Ava and Annie).  With each memory, year, event, trip or just because moment... it just keeps getting better and better.


Charm by charm, it jingles and jangles more than ever now (you can hear me coming from a mile away!) and it truly has become my most cherished piece, the one that I absolutely CANNOT live without.  


As we have seen, charm bracelets have definitely made a comeback over the years.  Every jewelry store/company has their “own” version.  My collection, of course, did not stop at the original sterling silver bracelet.  What can I say, I just can't help myself!!  Bring on Pandora, Brighton and Origami Owl!  And I mean really, why stop there?!  





Bracelet photos taken by Whitney Lizbeth & #fpciv

Locket photo taken via iPhone (and is on my instagram!)



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