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Mingling Monarchs #1

March 24, 2015

Monarch is....


Enthusiasm & Energy ~ Welcoming & Walking ~ Flurries & Friendships  


Stairs, Space & Streamers ~ Nametags & Notebooks ~ Sequins, Seats, Swag & Sharing 


Collages, Chit Chat and Champagne ~ Glitter & Glue ~ Photos, Props & Poses 


Inspiration & Ideas ~ Flow & Feeling ~ Soups & Salad ~ Nutrition & Nourishment 


Branding & Being your Business ~ Sangria & Snacks ~ Mingling Monarchs!  


Connect & Create ~ Suggest & Support


I think we all slept the sweetest slumber Saturday night.  So much to take in, reflect on and think about. The Dream Team rocked!


But...before my fantastic foursome left on Saturday Eve, we had a little bit of fun in the photo booth.  Glitter flamingo shades, hashtags and pineapples...OH MY!






Thanks for giving us the chance to goof off in the photo booth Nicky Digital!!  It was awesome!


Bethany, Julia and Kayt...thanks for coming along with me and being my partners in crime!


Day Two Deets coming later this week!


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