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And a blog name was born...

March 20, 2015


Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy.  Well, isn’t that the truth! Lucky for me this story ends oh so fabulously....


Back when I was knee deep in wedding planning (Summer 2012) Betsey Johnson came out with a flashy & fun line of fruity tropical jewels that included the most perfect pair of pineapple earrings.  When I first saw them, I knew I just HAD TO HAVE THEM, but since wedding planning tends to add a lot of crazy to life…I got distracted and totally forgot about them (wedding brain is real my friends). 


Fast forward 5-6 months later, I was searching other Betsey items on ebay and there they were!  It was like magic...POOF!  Pineapple beauties!  And POOF!...they were in my shopping cart and purchased.  Done and Done!


When I got them in the mail it was still pretty chilly here in CT…so of course I was instantly longing for warmer weather to sport these fancy tropical dangles.  I kept them out on my vanity, hanging on my jewelry stand, and admired them day after day.  I am sure you are thinking…wow, she is nuts…admiring pineapple earrings?!?!  But its true!  And to this day can’t even really recall how this whole pineapple obsession started, I just like them…A LOT! 


Ok, lets get back on track here.  The name of this blog.  While admiring the earrings on my vanity, I noticed the very detailed pineapple dots.  And literally it happened like this:

Hmmmm….pineapple dots.  Pineapple dots?  That’s cute…Pineapple dots!  Spots.  Pineapple spots.  Pineapple dots.  Leopard Spots and Pineapple Dots.  Wow! I like that.  I REALLY like that.  I love leopard.  I love pineapples.  I LOVE IT!


Blog name – CHECK!


I know, I know, its totally silly.  But that is how creativity happens...random moments of funny thoughts, mixed with things you love and mixed some more with the thoughts you already had stored away...just waiting to be let loose.  Not only did I get the earrings (and didn't have to worry about being haunted forever!) but those earrings gave me the inspiration to develop and create this blog.  #winning


Photogs: #fpciv & Whitney Lizbeth





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